Fast and Furious announces a solo film with Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs!

He is back ! Dwayne Johnson officially announces a new feature film centered on Luke Hobbs, his character in the Fast and Furious saga.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger will not return to The Expendables 4, Dwayne Johnson will soon sign his return to the Fast and Furious franchise. The actor will make his comeback in the 11th part of the saga… but not only! According varietythe actor signed for a solo film around his character, Luke Hobbs.

The Rock confirmed this in person in a video posted to his social media. The 51-year-old actor assures that he has put aside his disagreements with Vin Diesel to move forward together. “Hobbs is Back”first hammered the colossus.

“Last summer, Vin and I put the past aside. Despite our differences, we have been like brothers for years. With brotherhood, we will be the guarantors of this franchise and we will always take care of it, whether it be the characters or fans that we love. I’ve always built my career thinking first about what the audience wants, and that will continue to guide me.”he said.

Last summer, Vin and I put the past aside. Despite our differences, we have been like brothers for years.

Scrambled for several years, the two actors have therefore reconciled, to the delight of fans of Fast and Furious. In addition, the character of Luke Hobbs will have a very important role in the continuation of the saga, as the post-credits scene of Fast X announced it.

This surprise return of Dwayne Johnson had disconcerted many fans, convinced that a comeback from the shock supercop was impossible. Additionally, The Rock has confirmed that a solo Luke Hobbs movie is coming, and it will be released before Fast and Furious 11.

“The next film in the franchise in which you will see the legendary lawman will be a Hobbs feature film. It will be a new chapter for the saga and a preparation for the second part of Fast X”he revealed.

After having suffered a bitter failure with Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson has his back by returning to the heart of a safe bet: the Fast Family. However, still no information about the sequel to Hobbs and Shaw.

In addition, on May 23, Vin Diesel announced that the Universal studio planned to launch several spin-offs from the saga, including a female Fast and Furious. Released in theaters on May 17, Fast X has already grossed over $500 million worldwide.

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