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On CANALVOD, Fast & Furious X is the latest addition to the famous franchise and kicks off the final trilogy with a bang. An opus that has something under the hood, as evidenced by its extremely fascinating behind-the-scenes. Spotlight on 7 anecdotes.

Fast & Furious is available on CANALVOD.

I. The circuit is completed


Brand new director to go behind the camera of Fast & Furious, Louis Leterrier reunites here with Jason Statham, who was the hero of his first film The Transporter, released in 2002. It was also during this filming that the duo discovered the very first Fast & Furious.

We had just finished our day of filming then we went to the Champs-Élysées to see him and it completely blew our minds, says the filmmaker. The cars, the sound, the fights, the friendship, the music… I immediately told Jason “We have to do something like that. We can’t be below this film!“”

Two decades later, Fast & Furious It’s time for their reunion, what’s more in this famous saga which marked their meeting!

II. Aquaman, the multiverse


Making a more than notable arrival to the cast of the saga, Jason Momoa plays the big bad of this 10th opus. If he is well known to DC fans for his role as Aquaman, the more observant among them surely recognized another actor.

And for good reason, Alan Ritchson, who plays Agent Aimes in Fast & Furious X, also lent his features to Aquaman, for his part in the Smallville series.

III. A (penultimate) one for the road?


Initiated in 2001, the Fast & Furious saga took a new turn in 2023 with the release of Fast & Furious Directed by Louis Leterrier (Elusive, Danny the Dog), the film was originally intended to be the very last in the saga. This is ultimately the first chapter of a trilogy which will conclude the cult franchise.

IV. The reverse of a Frenchy


While it is considered to be the Jason Statham Frenchman, Alban Lenoir almost gave him the answer. The now star of action films made in France was in fact contacted by the Fast & Furious X teams, but unfortunately had to refuse due to a scheduling conflict.

I would have loved it so much! Plus, they offered me a pretty important role. And I was like, ‘No, I really can’t.’remembers the actor. They called me back a month later saying: ‘Man, we really want you to be in it, if you want we’ll find a five, six day thing with Charlize Theron’ and I said ‘But, I can’t!‘”

V. Rolling tuners


Having cost 340 million dollars, Fast & Furious It thus exceeds the previous part, which had cost 200 million dollars, and pulverizes the very first film whose budget was 38 million dollars.

VI. An Oscar in the race…


Revealed in the series United States of Tara, Oscar for Best Actress in 2016 for Room and landed in the MCU in the costume of Captain Marvel, Brie Larson also takes over the Fast universe for this latest film. An incursion which delighted the first interested party.

When I was told that I was going to be part of the FAST family, I started running in all directions because I was so happy. I had been pestering my agent for years to do these kinds of films, so it was a bit like the realization of a dream. These are the kind of films that everyone wants to go see at the cinema with their family, and that’s something I respect.”

VII. …can hide another one!


The most informed moviegoers undoubtedly had great emotion discovering the character of Abuelita, the paternal grandmother of Dom, Mia and Jakob, since she is played by a legend of the seventh art: Rita Moreno, Oscar winner for her role as Anita in West Side Story.

A lot of our fan base is Latino. Inviting this magnificent actress, this cinema legend is a tribute to this communityexplains Michelle Rodriguez.

She is so majestic, she knew how to push boundaries at a time when white people completely dominated the film industry, and she is an actress that we are very proud of.

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