Fast Good: Healthy 5-Minute Recipes for Lazy Days

Prepare healthy recipes in just 5 minutes

Sure, it would be nice to have time and leisure every day to conjure up a healthy menu and bring sophisticated vegetarian dishes with fresh ingredients to the table. But there are days when that just doesn’t work. You really just want to come home, throw everything away and eat a healthy snack without having to stand in the kitchen forever. For days like this we have put together our best 5-minute recipes for you.

So much delicious is in 5 minutes

Instead of using frozen pizza and the like, you can conjure up an Easy Peas (y) summer salad with chickpeas or a fixed Asian 5-minute terrine in no time at all. On particularly hard days, it can also be quick to prepare soul comforters. The chocolate waffles with peanut butter from are then exactly the right choice. If you own a pressure cooker, you can look forward to an even larger selection of 5-minute recipes. Then a beetroot risotto or a quick paella can be on the table on lazy days. For all breakfast fans, the carrot and cinnamon muesli, the blueberry muesli or the cream cheese omelette are the absolute best choices.

All the recipes that we present here can be cooked with little effort, are healthy, fill you up and don’t even allow you to think of high-calorie ready-made products. Because when it comes to preparation time, these 5-minute recipes are simply unbeatable.

By the way: If you have a little more time, we also have great quick lunch recipes for you that can be prepared in less than 15 minutes.

uk teaser image: TijanaM / Shutterstock