Fastned opens its largest ultra-fast charging station in France

Present in France since November 2020, the Dutch operator Fastned, which specializes in ultra-fast charging, has just opened the largest charging station in its network. It is also in France that it is located, more precisely on the Maxe rest area, on the A31 motorway, not far from Metz. The location, close to Germany and Luxembourg, is not insignificant.

This new station offers 16 charging points – i.e. eight terminals – delivering 300 kW each. Its capacity is around one hundred electric vehicles per day. Remember that the Fastned stations use the configuration of conventional gas stations, unlike the Ionity, Total Energies or Tesla Superchargers stations, where electric vehicles must park in battle.

To date, the Fastned network has some 250 ultra-fast charging stations spread over six European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom).

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