Fatal alpine accident – hiker (68) lost orientation and fell

On Wednesday at 8:07 p.m., the Hall in Tirol police station received a report about a 68-year-old Austrian in mountain difficulties in the Absam municipality in the area of ​​the Bettelwurfhütte, who had found herself in impassable terrain on the descent into the valley and had no orientation.

The search operation immediately initiated with the team from the Hall Mountain Rescue Service, as well as with drones from the FFW Kufstein and Landeck and a police helicopter equipped with an infrared camera, was unsuccessful and was interrupted at around 3 a.m. on Thursday night. At 7 o’clock the search was started again. In addition to the police helicopter, search teams from the mountain rescue team with dog teams, as well as the alpine police, were deployed. Hours of search Around noon, the Libelle Tirol crew was able to locate an apparently lifeless person in a steep channel / avalanche channel below the Bettelwurfkar at around 1950 meters above sea level. The area in question in the impassable terrain is noticeably removed from the approaches to the Bettelwurfhütte. Fall into a steep gully The woman fell in an impassable area in a steep gully and sustained severe head injuries. The body was recovered using the police helicopter and taken to the airfield at the entrance to the Hall valley. There the district doctor determined the death due to massive head injuries.Documents foundIn connection with the previous search, the discovery, the objects and documents found, it can be assumed that the dead person is the missing person. Once the surveys have been completed, a report will be sent to the competent authorities.
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