Fatal alpine accident – hiker slipped on wet stone and died

Another fatal alpine accident: while hiking on the Salzkofel in the Spittal an der Drau district, a 73-year-old hiker slipped on a wet stone on Sunday – and fell to his death.

The 73-year-old man from the Spittal an der Drau district was out on Sunday with a 40-year-old friend – the two of them went on a hike up the 2,498-meter-high Salzkofel in the Sachsenburg community. On the descent, the 73-year-old slipped shortly after a steep and exposed point – according to the police, probably on a wet stone slab. The man fell over rock-strewn meadow terrain and only came to rest after 30 to 40 meters.

His companion watched the crash, but was too far away to be able to hold the casualty. Comrades of the Kolbnitz Mountain Rescue, who were also on the way, noticed the accident, rushed to help and set the rescue chain in motion. The ambulance of the C7 rescue helicopter could only determine the death of the man.

The rescue was carried out using rope by the police helicopter. “Rescue was very difficult due to the fog and rain,” said one policeman to the “Krone”.