Father of the Hanau assassin a “ticking time bomb”

Dhe anger about Hans-Gerd R., father of the assassin who shot nine Hanauer with a migration background on February 19, 2020, does not stop. It was not until September that the 75-year-old pensioner was sentenced to a fine in the second instance. But that doesn’t seem to stop him from instilling fear in people, including children and victims’ families. One of the crime scenes was Kurt Schumacher Square in Kesselstadt. The assassin Tobias R. lived with his parents not far from the square, and some victims also came from the Hanau district.

The public prosecutor’s office in Hanau confirmed on Friday that charges had been filed against Hans-Gerd R. There were investigations into suspected threats. The public prosecutor’s office could not find out exactly what the pensioner was accused of. It is known so far that a relative of one of the victims of the night of the crime filed a criminal complaint on February 19, 2020. One target of the harassment is still Hanau’s Mayor Claus Kaminsky (SPD), whom R. had accused of insulting voters before his trial.

According to the press office, Kaminsky has now banned Hans-Gerd R. from the town hall. The decisive factor was the sudden appearance of the man a few days ago in the mayor’s office. Kaminsky was not present at the time.

Written and telephone provocations

Before that, R., who repeatedly made his right-wing attitude clear during the two court hearings, is said to have contacted the town hall several times by telephone and in writing with provocations. In his report to the police and prosecutors, the Lord Mayor also addressed threatening behavior towards Serpil Unvar, the mother of the killed Ferhat Unvar. R. appeared with his dog in front of his mother’s house in Kesselstadt and asked her provocative questions.

The town hall is currently dealing with another unpleasant event. According to a report by the Hanauer Anzeiger, R., who had his shepherd dog with him, spoke to children on the grounds of the Heinrich Heine School in Kesselstadt this week. He is said to have stood at the fence of the elementary school and asked them to pet his dog. A boy recognized R. and is said to have insulted him. R. then got angry and threatened the children to come back after school. Then something bad will happen. According to the report, the school administration notified the police.

According to unconfirmed reports, the man also scared children with his dog on Halloween night. The assassin’s father had to leave Kesselstadt and Hanau because he was a “ticking time bomb,” according to the February 19 victims’ initiative. This is the only way for those affected by the attack and the neighborhood to find peace. In the summer of this year he racially insulted young people from the district, it is said. Kaminsky now wants to obtain an entry ban against R. in the Heinrich Heine School and the other schools and day care centers in the city. The city administration also confirmed that the mayor had agreed with the police on “covert and open measures” against the father of the assassin.

R. was convicted in two cases in September for insulting relatives of the victims. An incident occurred in December two years ago. At a vigil of around 30 people on Kurt-Schumacher-Platz, including relatives of the dead, R. approached his dog. The police prevented the collision. After that, R. described the people as “wild strangers” who had to submit to the German people.

In the appeal hearing, a fine of 80 daily rates, 4800 euros, was sentenced. The judge described R’s behavior as racist and xenophobic. During the negotiations, the father denied that his son was the perpetrator and assumed that it was not Tobias R. who shot the mother, who was suffering from dementia, and himself that evening, but rather the police who did it and made the bodies disappear.

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