Fauve Hautot in a relationship with Tayc? “I am entitled to it every season”


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Fauve Hautot and Tayc won the 11th season of Dance with the stars. If their chemistry is undeniable, the dancer is annoyed by the rumors of a budding romance with the singer.

Friday, November 26, Fauve Hautot won the dance trophy with the stars for the third time since the creation of the show. This time, she participated with the singer Tayc. From the first bonuses, some spectators were blown away by the connection between the two celebrities, to the point of imagining them as a couple. During the last show, the singer even made a funny statement to his partner: when the presenter, Camille Combal, asked them if they wanted to say something to each other, Tayc simply replied “I love you”.

But Fauve Hautot brushed aside rumors of a love affair in an interview with the back of his hand to Télé-Loisirs magazine. “I am entitled to it every season. It’s the dance that wants that“, she said.”It’s normal for people to be able to ask questions. We are quite close, there is contact. But again, it’s still ballroom dancing.

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Fauve Hautot nevertheless prefers to take the situation with a smile. According to the dancer, if spectators are able to imagine a romance between Tayc and her, “it’s because the story we wanted to tell works. But it is very rare that couples are created.“Especially since since 2013, Fauve Hautot has shared the life of photographer Jules Renault

“We’re the same!”

Her alchemy with Tayc, the dancer explains by their very similar character. “We want to perform and that’s what immediately connected us. We are the same! We both have this form of competition that pushes us to always do more and better.“, she explained, still at Télé-Loisirs. And to add:”We both connect at the same time. As soon as you arrive on stage, something lights up, who knows why?

Enough to silence the rumors of a relationship between Fauve Hautot and Tayc. On the other hand, viewers are still as intrigued by the potential love story between Elsa Bois and Michou.

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