FaZe Swagg unveils its fearsome M4A1 Warzone class

Renowned content creator FaZe Swagg recently decided to bring Modern Warfare’s M4A1 to Warzone, and its class proves that this weapon remains as interesting as ever.

While the STG44 and Cooper Carbine currently dominate Warzone’s assault rifle meta, the M4A1 is still used by a handful of players.

This old weapon from Modern Warfare currently has a pick rate of 1.94%, putting it just behind Vanguard’s BAR and Cold War’s AK-47.

And if so many players continue to play with the M4A1, it’s because this assault rifle has incredible accuracy, low recoil and more than decent damage.

All of these features you can find in FaZe Swagg’s custom class which is truly deadly at long and medium range.


The M4A1 is a very powerful assault rifle at long and medium range.

Swagg’s M4A1 class on Warzone Pacific

  • Stuffy : Monolithic silencer
  • cannon : M16 grenadier stock
  • Telescope : VLK scope x3.0
  • Cannon accessory : Commando front grip
  • Ammunition : 60 round magazines

To start this class, Swagg decided to equip Modern Warfare’s mandatory accessory, the Monolithic Silencer which silences your shots and increases your damage range, allowing you to fire at targets from a distance.

The M16 Grenadier Stock helps improve the damage range of the M4A1 and also gives a 50% boost to the weapon’s bullet speed.

The Commando Front Grip will allow your weapon to remain stable during your shots. Even in long-range duels, the M4A1 stays on target. And that’s where the VLK x3.0 Scope will allow you to easily aim for the upper body and head of your opponents.

Finally, the 60-round magazines will allow you to have all the ammunition necessary to eliminate several players in a row. Although you lose a bit of ADS and movement speed, that extra ammo capacity more than makes up for those minor inconveniences.

So if you want to dive back into the past with this Modern Warfare weapon, don’t wait any longer and reproduce this deadly class of FaZe Swagg’s M4A1 with which he is wreaking havoc on Caldera.

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