FC Basel against Trabzonspor on TV and live stream: This is how you see the Europa League game for free


FC Basel welcomes Trabzonspor in the knockout stages of the Europa League. We’ll show you how you can watch the game live stream and TV for free.

FC Basel meets Trabzonspor in the Europa League on February 23. (Source: Krivosheevv/depositphotos.com)

  • In the Europa League, FC Basel meets Trabzonspor in the knockout stages of the play-offs.
  • Kick-off is at 9:00 p.m.
  • RTL+ and TV24 broadcast the top game.

RTL+ holds the rights to the Europa League in Germany. The streaming service will therefore also broadcast the game FC Basel against Trabzonspor in Germany from 9:00 p.m. You cannot follow the game with the free RTL+ subscription. You need the premium subscription for 4.99 euros. You can test this once for 30 days free of charge. If you haven’t already done so, you can follow the game for free.

At RTL+ 30 days free trial*


RTL + also offers you the opportunity to book a season pass for the Europa League until February 28th. With this you can see all the games broadcast by the provider up to the final. It costs a one-off fee of 9.98 euros. That’s a saving of 50 percent compared to the regular price.

At RTL+ Book a Season Pass*


However, do not forget to cancel the Season Pass, otherwise it will be extended and you will pay 4.99 euros per month.

TV24 shows the game in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the game can be seen on free TV on TV24. This also provides a free live stream. However, it can only be accessed from Switzerland. This country lock can theoretically be bypassed with a VPN. Legally you are moving in a gray area.


Uses CyberGhost, the VPN service perfect for streaming.

You can test CyberGhost for free.

Recommendation: CyberGhost


TV24 is not available everywhere. Set your VPN service to the sender’s home country.

Once you have done that, you can test your connection and see if you get an IP from the right country.


“FC Basel vs. Trabzonspor” can be found on TV24. You don’t need a streaming service.

If your VPN service is set up correctly, you can watch the stream live or access the media library.

To stream

Tip! In our TV guide you will find more information on how to access the TV24 live stream in Germany.

Beware of shady streaming offers

If you come across other live stream offers on the net that are not mentioned here, you should be careful. These may be shady streaming providers. You should avoid these. The use of such illegal streaming portals is punishable by law. There is also a high risk of catching computer viruses. We tell you which streaming providers are reputable and which are not.

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