FC Bayern, BVB, HSV and Wehen: Collective football madness overruns Germany

Germany will not soon forget this football weekend. Everything this sport has to offer in terms of drama, emotion and spectacle was extensively celebrated in the country’s top three leagues. There were often only a few moments between jubilation and tears. And the season is not over yet!

In the end nobody really saw through it anymore. When the NDR “Bingo” presenter Michael Thürnau announced live and beaming with joy that HSV had been promoted (“So! And at this point we congratulate HSV again on their promotion to the Bundesliga – we made it!”), It was in Sandhausen has already interrupted the ongoing celebration – which the relegated stadium spokesman had personally proclaimed for the Hamburgers who had traveled with them. It was slowly leaking out that not only was there still play going on in Regensburg, but that Heidenheim had even equalized to make it 2-2.

Germany has never experienced such a football weekend – that’s for sure – in this form. There was everything in terms of drama, emotions and spectacle that makes this sport special. The final of a long season has caused gasping, sheer disbelief and tears in many places in the first three leagues. The country trembled, trembled, cried and rejoiced. Even if the fans in Dortmund were understandably devastated at first, the supporters proved at the latest when they paid homage to their coach Edin Terzić that not everything has to be bad even at the moment of “defeat”.

What happened to FC Bayern?

Terzić’s tears showed that this club is alive again, even at its very core. After years of trial and error, the man from Menden has given BVB far more (back) than a real title fight against Bayern. Even if this failure in the key game is not to be underestimated, Borussia Dortmund can be sure to emerge from this season as a strengthened club. You really can’t say that about the rival for the championship.

Two months ago, when FC Bayern Munich’s “dilettante-Stadl” was written about, the club was still fighting back and trying to show strength and unity to the outside world. At that time, many observers still believed that the record champions would put themselves back on the road to success. But what happened on Saturday immediately after the game and the championship win in Cologne surrounding the dismissal of Oliver Kahn and Hasan Salihamidžić leaves even die-hard Bayern fans little hope of a quick recovery. Many football fans are looking at Munich in disbelief these days and weeks.

What has become of this club in just a few months? That’s probably what Uli Hoeneß asks himself most of all. Getting out of this deep valley, which is probably much darker and colder than it seems at the moment, will require some wise and above all correct decisions in the next few days. Soccer Germany will follow every single step with great interest and sympathy. Because one thing is also certain: FC Bayern will remain (or maybe even right now) the absolute top club in Germany after this season.

These last few minutes around the equalizer from Cologne, the subsequent winning goal from Musiala and BVB’s much too late equalizer against Mainz (which ultimately shouldn’t change anything) – when the Bayern players at FC already over 40 seconds before the end in Dortmund ran cheering to their fans – caused many crazy moments.

This had also happened in Osnabrück earlier in the afternoon, when Borussia’s second team gave up the game against home VfL within two minutes of added time – much to the dismay of the Wehen Wiesbaden supporters, who cheered exuberantly had already been said goodbye to the summer by their stadium announcer. But now that VfL Osnabrück has been promoted to the second division thanks to the late goals, Wehen Wiesbaden is still going strong. Arminia Bielefeld is waiting for the team from Hesse in the relegation.

Complete loss of orientation

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HSV then experienced almost the same fate as Wehen Wiesbaden on Sunday. Because not only the NDR “Bingo” presenter Thürnau was already happy about the direct rise of the Hanseatic League. Coaches and team also assumed in Sandhausen that they had actually overtaken the Heidenheim team on the last day of the season. But it was not like that. “I just heard that the goal has also been taken back, something is probably wrong, HSV has to be relegated,” announced the visibly irritated NDR presenter – and had now obviously completely lost his bearings. Because a retracted goal was not the reason for the extension of the HSV season, but the spectacular stoppage time of Heidenheimer with two goals from FC in Regensburg had turned the game with the relegated team – and ensured that the journey of Hamburg this season is not finished.

Football Germany is now looking forward to the relegation encounters with anticipation and hopes that there will be many more emotional highlights in the four games. After a season like this, anything seems possible. After all, football in Germany has shown itself from its very best, most exciting and most entertaining side in recent weeks. So, all fans agree, it can continue in the coming season.

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