FDP minister in “ntv early start”: Stamp wants to accommodate refugees outside the EU

FDP minister in the “ntv early start”
Stamp wants to accommodate refugees outside the EU

North Rhine-Westphalia’s integration minister is negotiating the traffic light coalition for the FDP. In “ntv Frühstart”, Joachim Stamp suggests bringing the many refugees who are smuggled via Belarus towards Germany to partner countries outside the EU – also as a deterrent.

The coalition negotiations begin and the traffic light parties have presented an ambitious timetable. The North Rhine-Westphalian Minister of Integration and Deputy Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Joachim Stamp, believes that a coalition agreement that has been negotiated by the end of November is realistic. In the ntv show “Frühstart” the FDP politician said: “I am thoroughly optimistic. It is a very concentrated, professional and friendly atmosphere for discussion.” But the negotiators have a lot of work to do, emphasized the 51-year-old.

Stamp sits at the negotiating table during the coalition negotiations for his party for his migration department. There is a lot to do there. “During the migration, Horst Seehofer left us with a huge construction site,” said Stamp: “We have far too large a number of irregular migrants and at the same time we lack the workforce on the job market. We have to tackle this consistently.”

The migration must be reorganized, demanded Stamp. “We still have the problem that many areas are desperately looking for workers, and on the other hand we have many people who come to Europe irregularly.” His approach: “We have to move from irregular to regular migration. But that is only possible if you conclude contracts with the countries of origin.”

“Disgusting what’s going on there”

Stamp criticized the fact that there has been no common line at European level in migration policy. “When Germany held the Council Presidency in 2020, the last federal government unfortunately failed to initiate a common asylum policy in Europe.” This failure is now evident in the refugee crisis on the Polish border. “It’s disgusting what is happening there,” said Stamp of the refugee movements organized by Belarus’ dictator Lukashenko on the EU’s external border: “But you shouldn’t allow Belarus to blackmail you. We need a European response.”

As a solution, Stamp suggested multilateral agreements with countries outside the EU. The FDP politician said that countries like Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine could be promised access to the EU internal market if these states would help the EU in this crisis now. “If those who are flown into Belarus notice that they are not landing in Germany, then that will stop very quickly,” said Stamp further.

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