“FDP prefers emissions trading”: Kubicki fundamentally questions the heating law

“FDP prefers emissions trading”
Kubicki fundamentally questions the heating law

After severe criticism of his heating law, Economics Minister Habeck promises a new version of the regulations. Even before today’s traffic light meeting to find a compromise, FDP Vice Kubicki renewed his fundamental criticism.

Immediately before the planned meeting between Economics Minister Robert Habeck and representatives of the three traffic light groups, FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki fundamentally questioned the controversial building energy law. “It’s no secret that the Free Democrats prefer a solution that is primarily based on emissions trading,” Kubicki told the Funke newspapers. However, Kubicki added, “we remain open to constructive suggestions that are socially acceptable and do not cause excessive demands on people.”

Kubicki called on the Greens politician to answer in writing the list of questions submitted by the FDP parliamentary group on the heating law. The answers would then have to be evaluated by the FDP parliamentary group. “Only on this basis can we seriously estimate how quickly further negotiations on the Building Energy Act can proceed,” he said. He also expects “the presentation of a time perspective when the extensive changes to his own legal text announced by Robert Habeck will be presented,” said the FDP Vice.

Introduce emissions trading as early as 2024

The deputy FDP parliamentary group leader Lukas Koehler proposed a faster introduction of national emissions trading for the building and transport sectors. Then “in principle, bans and regulations in the heating law” can be dispensed with, he told the “Rheinische Post”.

There is currently a fixed CO2 price for the building and transport sector, which is gradually increasing. However, trading with a limited contingent of certificates is only planned from 2026 and then only within a price corridor of 55 to 65 euros per tonne of CO2. Köhler spoke out in favor of starting trading in the certificates as early as 2024. “That will then mean additional incentives for citizens and companies to buy climate-friendly heaters and cars,” said the FDP politician.

Robert Habeck wants to meet traffic light MPs from the SPD, Greens and FDP today, Tuesday, to explore compromise lines for the Building Energy Act. His new state secretary, Philipp Nimmermann, will also start work after Pentecost. Habeck had previously emphasized that he hoped that the discussion would now take “a constructive, solution-oriented” direction.

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