Fear of death: Cathy Lugner is afraid of breast cancer – video


Cathy Lugner is mainly known for her loud and open manner. But one risk factor dampens her mood and her zest for life enormously – in the video you can see why she is now very worried.

Cathy Lugner became known through her marriage to the builder Richard Lugner. Then she made a career as a reality star and scandalous blonde. Now the otherwise lively Cathy seems like a different person. She presented herself thoughtfully in the interview – hardly anything of her otherwise carefree nature can be seen.

Cathy is scared to death – of breast cancer. Because of her breast surgery with implants, the risk for the trained nurse has increased unexpectedly. The reason? The nature of the material brings with it an increased risk of breast cancer. How Cathy now wants to deal with the situation, you can find out here in the video.

Source used: RTL.de