Fear the Walking Dead Season 8: First clip released – Troy Otto meets Madison again for the first time



“Fear the Walking Dead” season 8, part 2 turns Troy Otto, who was believed dead, into a villain. Now a first clip has appeared in which Troy and Madison meet again.

Fear the Walking Dead: Troy Otto and Madison Clark's last encounter didn't end well.

Fear the Walking Dead: Troy Otto and Madison Clark’s last encounter didn’t end well. (Source: AMC)

  • Troy Otto is set to be the new villain in Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Part 2.
  • In a new clip we see him holding Madison Clark and Victor Strand captive.
  • Surely Troy wants revenge on Madison after she tried to kill him.

“Fear the Walking Dead” rummages through the “dead characters” box again for the grand finale and brings back Troy Otto in Season 8 Part 2. Of course, he’s not particularly kind to Madison after she knocked him out with a hammer.

So everything points to Troy Otto finally getting his chance to become a really badass villain. Now a first clip has been released that confirms this assumption. In it we see Troy, who has arguably become the leader of a group. He had Madison and Strand tied to chairs.

Troy Otto wants to reveal who Madison really is

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Troy wants to show the people who helped Madison who she really is. The iris on his left eye lost almost all color as a result of the blow to the head. Otherwise, he seems to have survived Madison’s assassination attempt relatively unscathed. Surely he will want revenge on Madison. Will he destroy Madison’s Padre plans for this?

Fear the Walking Dead returns for Season 8 Part Two on October 22, 2023. In the US, the new episodes will appear on AMC and AMC+, in Germany you will probably see them a day later on Amazon Prime Video.

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