Federal election 2025: SPD is taking its time choosing the official candidate for chancellor

Federal election 2025
The SPD is taking its time choosing the official candidate for chancellor

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In the Union, CDU leader Merz is signaling his willingness to run for chancellor. However, other potential candidates are being traded with Söder and Wüst. According to General Secretary Kühnert, it is clear at the SPD that it will be Scholz. Nevertheless, the party does not want to officially announce this until the summer of 2025.

The SPD does not want to officially name Olaf Scholz as its candidate for chancellor until shortly before the federal election. “As campaign manager, it is my responsibility not to make the Chancellor’s SPD party so focused on the election campaign months before the federal election that governance suffers as a result,” replied SPD General Secretary Kevin Kühnert told “Stern” when he asked when Scholz would be officially elected as the SPD’s candidate for chancellor. “That’s why we won’t officially flip the switch until summer 2025.” Since there is “personnel clarity” in the SPD, this is possible without any problems. “Greetings to the Union at this point!” said Kühnert.

Officially, the Union does not want to decide on the K question until after the three state elections in East Germany. However, in a conversation with “Stern”, CDU leader Friedrich Merz openly signaled for the first time his willingness to run for the Union’s chancellor. “I feel fit and I can’t change my age,” said Merz. Merz referred to recent election successes: “The successes have shown that our strategy is right,” he said at the beginning of March. The current government wants to replace Merz as quickly as possible and is speculating on an early federal election in view of the traffic light coalition’s budget dispute.

Kühnert, on the other hand, would “make quite high bets that the traffic light will handle it.” The SPD is ready for election campaigns at any time. “We are ready to go 365 days a year, regardless of the traffic lights,” Kühnert replied to the “Stern” question as to whether the Social Democrats would be able to campaign in the event of new elections. “Any other answer would require me to resign as Secretary General immediately.”

However, the Social Democrat warned his party against a coalition election campaign. “I would never recommend my party to run any coalition election campaign,” said Kühnert. “We’ll see what’s possible after the federal election.” He read with “great amusement” that his FDP colleague Bijan Djir-Sarai is campaigning for black and yellow after the next election. “Well, you have to have a lot of self-confidence to expect a two-party coalition at the federal level,” says Kühnert.

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