Felix Neureuther: “I look up with a smile and I’m grateful”

Felix Neureuther
“I look up with a smile and I’m grateful”

Felix Neureuther is 39 years old.

© imago/Sven Simon

His mother Rosi Mittermaier passed away in January. Now Felix Neureuther has shared a touching message for his birthday.

Former ski racer Felix Neureuther celebrated his 39th birthday on March 26th – the first without his mother Rosi Mittermaier (1950-2023), who died in January. Felix Neureuther wrote on Instagram well, it was “a special” winter for the family. “Not easy, but we have to try to keep looking ahead! In difficult times, family cohesion is the decisive factor!!!”

“Am grateful”

The ski star added to a clip showing him on the slopes: “Even in difficult times you have to be grateful for what you are allowed to do.” He is “extremely grateful” for the family he has and for the fact that he “can still turn his passion into a job and that I can still enjoy it.” At the end of his post he says: “It helps a lot to be able to feel such joy on the mountains. I’m 39 years old today and I look up with a smile and I’m grateful!”

at the beginning of March he revealed in an interview with the “Bild” newspaperthat his father Christian Neureuther (73) is doing better again. “We live right next to each other, so dad is not alone either,” said the ex-world-class skier. In addition, his father lovingly takes care of his grandchildren. Together with his wife Miriam (32), Felix Neureuther has three children aged 5 and 3 years and eleven months. Ski legend Rosi Mittermaier died on January 4th at the age of 72 from cancer.


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