Fenix ​​7 & Epix 2 available: This is Garmin’s new smartwatch offering

The eagerly awaited Garmin Fenix ​​7 series and the new Epix 2 are now available in stores! The manufacturer once again relies on premium materials and uses the sun to increase the battery life of the smartwatches. We will tell you below at what prices the new models Fenix ​​7, Fenix ​​7 Solar, Fenix ​​7 Sapphire Solar and the Garmin Epix 2 are available.

  • Garmin Fenix ​​7, Fenix ​​7 Solar and Fenix ​​7 Sapphire Solar available now
  • For the first time with a touchscreen
  • Garmin Epix 2 only in one version with three different material and color combinations
  • Prices start from €699.99.

Garmin’s popular Fenix ​​smartwatches enter the seventh round! The premium smartwatches are particularly popular with athletes, service employees and people who spend a lot of their free time or work outdoors. Garmin once again focuses on a solid choice of materials, particularly good GPS and tracking features, and long battery life.

All Fenix ​​7 models on Amazon

Compared to the previous model, the Fenix ​​7 has a special feature: While the manufacturer decided in the past to use large control buttons for operation, there is now a touchscreen! The display sizes range from 1.2 inches to 1.4 inches. The price starts at 699.99 euros.

Fenix ​​7, Fenix ​​7S and Fenix ​​7X Sapphire Solar

Garmin relies on the fourth generation of its tracking sensors for its Fenix ​​models. There is a Pulse Ox sensor for measuring the blood oxygen content, which, among other things, takes over the sleep analysis and monitoring of the stress level as well as a heart rate monitor. The pre-installed maps are also exciting for athletes and outdoor fans – this way you can find your way home even without a smartphone and LTE reception.

The big innovation of the Fenix ​​7 series, however, is the touchscreen, which is based on a transflexive MIP LCD display. The diagonals range from 1.2 inches on the 7S model to 1.3 inches on the standard model and 1.4 inches on the Fenix ​​7X. The prices are also decided on the respective model, they are summarized compactly in the following table:

Garmin Fenix ​​7 series

modelWithout solarWith solarsapphiresBuy
Fenix ​​7S€699€799€899To the model*
fenix 7€699€799€899To the model*
Fenix ​​7X€799€899To the model*

However, the outdoor smartwatches are outstanding again due to the battery life. On the one hand, Garmin follows a strict energy-saving course when choosing components, on the other hand, the battery is recharged with solar charging lenses during use. According to the manufacturer, the runtimes are as follows:

  • Fenix ​​7S: Up to 14 days with solar in smartwatch mode | up to 46 hours with solar in GPS mode
  • Fenix ​​7: Up to 22 days with solar in smartwatch mode | up to 73 hours with solar in GPS mode
  • Fenix ​​7X: Up to 37 days with solar in smartwatch mode | up to 122 hours with solar in GPS mode

If these terms do not justify the prices for you, just a word about the choice of materials. The basic versions of the Fenix ​​7 and Fenix ​​7S come with a stainless steel housing and the displays are protected with Gorilla Glass. The solar versions have an additional protective layer for more scratch resistance. If you opt for the sapphire version, you are wearing a titanium case and – as the name suggests – are protected against scratches by sapphire glass. The combination of solar and sapphire glass is also new.

Exciting about the 7X model: There is an integrated flashlight that can also act as a rear light when cycling. The smartwatch shines a red light backwards when you use it, so that you can be seen better when cycling.

For your fitness, Garmin’s new smartwatches offer a stamina mode that works with you to find the middle between “too much” and “too little”. Stamina is English and means perseverance – so the feature is not entirely new at Garmin. What is more exciting is that Garmin integrates multi-frequency GPS. This should primarily improve tracking in valleys or in urban canyons. If you already have accessories for your Garmin smartwatch, I have written out the compatibility list from the press release for you:

Compatible accessories

QuickFit bike mount€19.99To Amazon*
HRM Pro€129.99To Amazon*
Index S2€149.99To Amazon*
charging / data cable€24.99To Amazon*
Approach CT 10€79.99To Amazon*
Running Dynamics Pod€69.99To Amazon*
speed sensor 2€39.99To Amazon*
Cadence sensor 2€39.99To Amazon*
Tempe – temperature wireless sensor€39.99To Amazon*

Epix model with AMOLED and without solar

Visually, the Epix model comes very close to its brothers without an AMOLED display. © Garmin via WinFuture

In addition to the models in the Fenix ​​series, Garmin now also has a second version of the Garmin Epix. This time, the Epix Gen 2 offers a round AMOLED display, while its predecessor was still square. The display measures 1.3 inches and has a significantly higher resolution of 416 x 416 pixels than the screens in the Fenix ​​series. The only model also offers fourth-generation heart rate monitoring and a sensor for measuring blood oxygen.

Garmin Epix (2nd Gen) at Amazon

The second generation of the Garmin Epix has a maximum runtime of up to 16 days. But only if you use gesture control. The price of the Epix model starts at 899.99 euros. All new Garmin smartwatches are water resistant to 10 ATM. You will soon find more information on our device pages for all new models.

What do you think of the new Garmin Fenix ​​7 and the Garmin Epix 2? Are premium smartwatches your thing and would you like to see them tested on NextPit? Let us know below!

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