“Fertility check-up” at 20, easier PMA… What is Emmanuel Macron’s plan to fight infertility?

President Emmanuel Macron announces, in an interview Wednesday with the magazine Shethat he wants to improve access to medically assisted procreation (MAP) and specifies his vast plan against infertility which will begin with a complete assessment for everyone around the age of 20.

“A fertility check-up” at 20

The Head of State announced this plan to boost the birth rate during a press conference on January 16. “Every woman must freely dispose of her body. But one figure concerns me: the fertility rate is 1.8 and the rate of desire for children is 2.3,” he declared to women’s magazine in this interview sweeping several subjects considered important for the female electorate.

He specified that his plan to combat infertility would revolve around “prevention”, the “pathway” and “research”. He thus states that a “fertility check-up”, around the age of 20, would be offered to everyone and reimbursed by health insurance in order to “establish a complete assessment, spectrogram, (or) ovarian reserve” .

Opening up “oocyte self-preservation” to private centers

“We are going to organize campaigns in favor of self-preservation of oocytes for women who want to have children later,” he also indicated. To reduce waiting times to access a PMA — currently 16 to 24 months –, Emmanuel Macron intends to “open up oocyte self-preservation to private centers” which was “until now reserved for hospital establishments “.

Opposed to GPA

On the other hand, the Head of State renews in this interview She his opposition to surrogacy (GPA). “I repeat, I am not in favor of it. It is not compatible with the dignity of women, it is a form of commodification of their bodies,” he insists. “That said, I obviously think that parents of children born through surrogacy abroad must be respected and supported. They are loving families,” he adds.

A recurring subject of political discord, GPA resurfaced in the news at the end of April with a tweet from Marion Maréchal. The head of the Reconquest list in the European elections reacted to the announcement of the paternity of fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus and her husband with a message asking “where is the mother?”. “I was shocked by the way this controversy arose, and by what it says about the homophobia of certain French political parties,” said Emmanuel Macron.

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