Festival cars – microsleep in the electric car was followed by a traffic accident

On Wednesday morning a Viennese had an accident in the Alpenstrasse in Salzburg. The young man had to be taken to the hospital, the car – an Audi E-Tron – was completely demolished.

The 25-year-old was driving a new Audi E-Tron from the Salzburg Festival fleet on Hellbrunerstraße and had in mind to use the departure loop to get out of town on Alpenstraße. Shortly after reaching the road, he should have nodded off briefly, according to his own statement. As a result, the Viennese lost control of his vehicle.

The car crossed both lanes of the alpine road and crashed unabated against the central rail. Due to the force of the impact, the car was catapulted back and came to a standstill in the opposite direction of travel.

The car suffered a total write-off in the accident. The 25-year-old, who had a negative alcohol test, informed the emergency services and was admitted to the accident hospital after the first aid.