Festival fashion: The fashion inspirations of the stars

Festival fashion
The fashion inspirations of the stars

Crochet clothing, cowboy hats and more: this year’s festival fashion is once again diverse.

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From western fashion to neon colors and crocheted tops: these fashion trends are hot for the 2023 festival season.

With Rock am Ring and Rock im Park, the long-awaited festival season in Germany will finally begin at the beginning of June. Then the Hurricane and the Southside Festival, Superbloom or Lollapalooza are coming up again. The popular music events are known to go hand in hand with many fashion highlights. These are the most popular styles in 2023.

Crochet and net-it-pieces remain in fashion

Once again, the annual Coachella festival has provided plenty of fashion inspiration. It-pieces such as fishnet tights or crocheted tops have been used there for years. Nothing has changed in that regard in 2023 either. Fashion blogger Leonie Hanne (34) featured on Instagram a particularly revealing look consisting of a black and white crocheted skirt, a white bikini top, black boots and lots of jewellery.


What is new this year, however, is western fashion. What does this look like? Exactly how you imagine them: cowboy hats, cowboy boots, bell-bottoms. A perfect example delivered about model Alessandra Ambrosio (42) on Instagram. Her bright red bell bottoms were paired with a colorful crop top, feather stole, red cowboy hat and silver boots.

Also Olivia Culpo (31) relied on Western It-Piecesfor example on a boho hat and a crop top, a short crocheted skirt, a belt and cowboy boots in brown.

flower power

As is well known, fashion lovers also like to bring color into play at festivals. This is done quickly with floral prints or 3D flowers. Both are in the festival look to be found by model Heidi Klum (49). Her light blue floral dirndl not only emphasizes her bust size, but also impresses with its many flowers on the apron and skirt as well as a black waist belt.

Loud, gaudy, neon

If you have a lot of courage to use color, can also rely on neon clothing, like US singer Billie Eilish (21). She combined her neon green oversized T-shirt with casual basketball trousers, leg warmers, striped mittens, sneakers and a cap – an overall very sporty but cool festival look.


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