Festivals during the 2024 Olympics: “There may be cancellations”, confirms the Minister of Culture

Rima Abdul-Malak receives on Wednesday afternoon the leaders of the twenty biggest festivals threatened by the organization of the Paris Games.

Culture Minister Rima Abdul-Malak will attempt on Wednesday to seek “case by case» solutions so that the biggest festivals can be held in the summer of 2024, despite the organization of the Olympic Games in Paris. A meeting is planned in the afternoon with the leaders of the twenty biggest festivals, specified on RTL the minister, who intends “resume on a case-by-case basis with each prefecttheir situation andfind the point of balance“.

There may be some cancellations, if some solutions are not found“, specified Rima Abdul-Malak, who wants “find solutions” with the Ministry of the Interior and the Minister of Sports, evoking for example discrepancies “a few days» or revisions of «format“.

Reconciling culture and the Olympics

For other festivals,it’s totally impossible, but it’s up to us to be able to adapt as well“, she added. “It’s important to be able to project yourself into the summer of 2024 by reconciling culture, the cultural vitality of the summer and the Olympic Games.“.

The Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin aroused misunderstanding of the musical sector of festivals and concerts by evoking at the end of October the need for “canceled or postponed» cultural or sporting events in the summer of 2024, due to the massive mobilization of the police for the Olympic Games (July 26 to August 10).

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