Feverish search – spider in banana box: supermarket in Lower Austria closed

A possibly poisonous spider in a banana box has caused the closure of a supermarket in Krems. A pest controller is now looking for the crawling animal.

About ten centimeters tall, black and red and no longer to be found: A spider is currently causing a lot of excitement in Krems an der Donau. The branch manager of a penny market had discovered the crawling animal Tuesday morning when opening a banana box. The branch manager immediately sounded the alarm Because he suspected that it could be a poisonous banana spider that had flown in with the fruit, he immediately sounded the alarm. The problem: When the fire department arrived, the animal could no longer be found. The branch was therefore closed for security reasons in consultation with the magistrate. All the boxes were immediately collected on site and sealed with plastic. A pest controller was also hired to find the animal. Only when it has been clarified which species of spider is involved will the business be opened again, according to the Rewe Group.
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