Few people know – this is what you should know about the tonka bean

In South America, the tonka bean was even considered a means of payment in the past; today it is highly valued in gourmet kitchens all over the world. Read our trends to find out how tonka beans actually taste and why they are so healthy.

Anyone who has ever heard of the tonka bean but cannot classify it very well will find some important facts about the South American miracle bean:

  • The tonka bean comes from northern South America, grows in the Amazon and the Caribbean
  • It is valued as a spice, but also as a panacea, and even as a good luck charm
  • Tonka beans belong to the legume family, but they are used more as a spice
  • The tonka bean tree gives off a heavenly scent of liquorice and vanilla
  • In terms of taste, the beans are also reminiscent of vanilla, almonds and even marzipan
  • Tonka beans are only available in this country in dried form
  • They are ideal for refining sweets and desserts

Tonka beans are that healthy

In South America, the tonka bean is often used to treat bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. Used in aromatherapy, it is said to help reduce stress and, thanks to its scent, relax.

What do you do with the tonka bean in the kitchen? It is used in dried form as a spice and gives numerous sweets, e.g. puddings, desserts and cakes that certain something. Try it!

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