FF7 Remake 2 in 8K, that’s what it looks like! That’s wonderful

The sequel to FF7 Remake promises to be explosive and above all wonderful. It promises to be a graphic slap in the face, and some people have decided to go further.

FF7 Remake is an excellent game, but one that still divided fans. Indeed, the big changes made to the story have called into question its status as a “remake” with certain players. Nevertheless, his artistic direction and his work on the character design had no problem convincing. FF7 Rebirth promises to be an even more impressive graphical slap in the face and there’s a little video that proves it.

FF7 Remake 2, a feast for the eyes

The communication around FF7 Rebirth was able to highlight the quality of the game’s graphic overhaul, in the vein of its predecessor. The original released in 1997 is completely transformed, but the developers have managed to keep the magic of the base material. We feel nostalgic when we return to places like Gold Saucer or Wutai. Visually, it’s impeccable, but one person felt that it was possible to go further and push the limits to offer a new version of the trailer revealed during Summer Game Fest 2023. And suffice to say that FF7 Remake 2 in 8K is quite astonishing.

This “remaster” comes to us from the youtuber Upscale. He had fun tinkering with one of the FF7 Rebirth trailers using an AI. And he didn’t stop at 4K. It offers viewing in 8K Ultra HD. Just that. The feedback is generally positive, welcoming the initiative in a cheerful way: “You are a blessing from the gods! », “Thank you for your work, it’s incredible”, we can read under the comments of the video. Other people are less enthusiastic, finding the result too smooth. Either way, it makes you want to tackle this second opus of the FF7 Remake saga even more.

A good lifespan for the RPG

The adventure offered by this new game will be long, which will leave plenty of time to enjoy the sumptuous settings. In fact, it will take 40 to 50 hours of play to complete the story. This was confirmed by Naoki Hamaguchi, the director of FF7 Rebirth. The latter added that the most determined among us can try to discover everything that the RPG has in store. In this case, more than a hundred hours will pass in FF7 Remake 2. Knowing that the additional activities will be the big part of this title.

There is so much side content and exploration to do in the world. There is actually more secondary content than there is primary content.

Furthermore, know that producer Yoshinori Kitase revealed that the third opus of the trilogy was being written. As expected, FF7 Rebirth will not cover all of the remaining events of Final Fantasy VII. This sequel will normally take us to the Forgotten Capital, the former capital of the Cetras which, for the record, are the people of Aerith. After that, you will have to prepare to wait a few years before the conclusion.

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