FIFA 22 Road to the Final Promotion – Date, Leaks and More

EA SPORTS is currently preparing the next Road to the Final (RTTF) promotion on FIFA 22 to celebrate matches in the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League.

Now that the first matches of the knockout stages of the biggest European competitions have just begun, the eyes of FIFA 22 players are on the promotion Road to the Final (RTTF).

Earlier in the game’s lifecycle, fans will remember the Road to Knockout promotion, which included two sets of upgraded maps.

These fans can now expect the same in the knockout stages of the competition, as the RTTF promo is set to kick off soon.


The two teams from the “Road to the Final” promo on FIFA 21.

How do Road to the Finale map upgrades work?

The soon-to-be-released RTTF cards in FUT have the potential to skyrocket well beyond their base rating. These dynamic elements will see their overall rating and other stats increase as they progress through their respective competition, be it the Champions League, Europa League or Europa Conference League. .

Therefore, real football results will impact your FUT squad and credits. Pick the right card and its value could skyrocket over time, depending on how matches progress.

Start of the Road to the Final promo on FIFA 22

According to a credible and generally reliable source in the FIFA community, FUT Sheriffthe next promotion of FIFA 22 will probably be Road to the Final.

On this basis, the promo should start February 18, 2022.

Next round of the Champions League

These are the teams still involved in the Champions League (the tournament, in general, with the highest rated cards):

  • Red Bull Salzburg v Bayern Munich
  • Atletico Madrid v Manchester United
  • Villarreal v Juventus
  • Inter Milan v Liverpool
  • PSG v Real Madrid
  • Sporting Portugal v Manchester City
  • Benfica v Ajax
  • Chelsea v LOSC Lille

Road to the Finals map design

The design of the card should be the same as the Road to the Final promo in FIFA 21, pictured below.

FIFA 21 Final Road Maps

Road to the Finals cards very rarely differ in style from year to year.

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