FIFA 23: Controller settings, how should they be set? – FIFA 23

If you are a fan of FIFA 23 and, in particular, multiplayer and competitive modes such as Ultimate Team, you are aware that the controller settings can turn out to be crucial. Therefore, it is important to perfectly define the different controller settings so as not to take counterproductive actions that will lead you to an undeserved defeat.

What are the best controller settings for FIFA 23?

In order to change your camera settings, you will only have to go to the menu and select ” Personalize “, then ” Settings ” and finally ” Customize commands “. Stay on the ” SETTINGS and modify the values ​​as shown below:

  • Competitive Mode → WITH
  • Through Pass Assist → Semi
  • FIFA Coach → Hide
  • Synchronized finishing → No
  • Pass block help → Yes
  • Automatic change → Aerial and wandering balloons
  • Sat. displacement chang. auto. → None
  • Clearance Support → Directional
  • Player Lock → Without (To be activated if you are proficient)
  • Change icon → With
  • Change right analog stick → Classic
  • Right analog stick change reference → Relative to the player or Relative to the ball
  • Assistance pass low to the ground → Assisted
  • Shooting assistance → Assisted
  • Assistance centers → Semi
  • Assisted lob passes → Assisted
  • Lobbed through ball → Semi
  • Assistance stops → Assisted
  • Analog acceleration → No
  • Lock out pass receiver → Late

Of course, these settings will be useful for most players, however, those with a higher than average level of play will tend to set some of the assists to manual in order to have full control over their actions. If you set the ” Competitive Mode on SANS, many other options, not available for online games, will be offered to you.

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