FIFA 23: Even before the release, gamers show the most bizarre bugs and glitches

FIFA 23 hasn’t even been officially released yet. Nevertheless, there are already gamers who can already catch EA’s latest football simulation. There they also immediately discover some bugs and glitches, ranging from annoying to downright bizarre.

Not everything is running smoothly in FIFA 23 yet

Football fans can soon look forward to the latest football simulation from Electronic Arts. FIFA 23 will appear as well actually not until September 30th. But you can start playing right now by either pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition of the game (see it on Amazon) or becoming a member of EA Play. However, early access is limited to 10 hours.

Many fans have already been able to test the game. In doing so, they encountered some funny, annoying, and bizarre bugs and glitches that they also prompt on sites like Reddit have shared. For example, there still seem to be some problems with the character models. Marco Reus, for example, has seen better days (source: Reddit).

The picture shows Marco Reus in FIFA 23
Is that really Marco Reus? FIFA 23 Says Yes!

Also the duels in FIFA 23 turn out to be much more brutal than in the predecessor. A fan wonders if there should be a red card when a player breaks all the bones of an opponent.

EA is also not afraid to quickly rewrite the rules of soccer. Foul in the penalty area? That means, of course, that one Penalty kick from the middle of the field must be shot.

With every FIFA, EA continues to work on goal celebrations to make the football experience as authentic as possible. What’s new is that you’ll be scared to death and blinded with every hit (warning of seizures with photosensitivity).

Not all bugs in FIFA 23 are funny

However, some of FIFA 23’s bugs are more annoying than funny. For example, PC gamers complain that they can’t launch the game on Steam even though they bought the Ultimate Edition for early access (source: Reddit).

Simultaneously the anti-cheat system also causes problems, so players have already started a collection thread to help each other out and vent their frustrations (source: Reddit). Ironically, EA was still promoting the benefits of the new system a few weeks ago.

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