FIFA 23: the improvements of the staging during the matches praised by a trailer

The revelations about the novelties of FIFA 23 continue, with this time a trailer dedicated to “match days” made even richer. Electronic Arts has indeed worked to make the staging and atmosphere of the stadium even more realistic, with slow motion accompanied by augmented reality, richer scenes before meetingsor even a reworked field, nets and public.

These innovations will be exclusive to versions next genso only available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Stadia.


Replays and augmented reality overlays powered by HyperMotion2 technology give you even more insight into shots and free kicks. You get even more stats including expected goals, shot power and distance to goal, and more.


Images of access to the stadium and in the stands combined with new sound elements immerse you in the heart of the preparation for major matches. You’ll feel the full atmosphere of title-defining encounters, six-point matches and cup finals, among others.


With stunning visuals, the pitches look better than ever in FIFA 23. Watch the pitch deteriorate with the accumulation of sliding tackles or goal celebrations. Every element is rendered in exquisite detail to immerse you in the realism of matches.


Thanks to a new detailed rendering, the audience has never looked so lively with more variety among the fans equipped with new clothes, among other things.


The new 3D textures bring new light and a new rendering to the goal nets in FIFA 23. You will see them deform under the action of the ball.

Only remains to EA to present the Pro ClubsThe mode VOLTA Football and FIFA Ultimate Team next week to finish his overview of what’s new. You will then know almost everything about FIFA 23whose release date is set for September 30, 2022: you can pre-order your copy from €39.99 on

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