FIFA 23: The most cracked player in the game is not the one you imagine

Since the release of FIFA 23 on September 30, fans of the discipline from all over the world compete on the virtual lawn. Marking the start of a new era, EA Sports has pulled out all the stops with a game that dusts off the concept that players have known for a few years already. While the contract with the FIFA license will not be extended, EA still seems to want to fulfill its part of the market to the end for this new opus.

Level players, the figures of world football are present with (of course) Kylian Mbappé, Sam Kerr, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. These are just a few examples of the talents at the rendezvous for this latest opus of the FIFA license. However, there are some who have traumatized players since the release of FIFA 23, and it is not one of the personalities mentioned above.

Haaland, the players’ nightmare

Real talent in game and in real life, Erling Haaland is a football prodigy. Aged only 22, the Norwegian player has risen to the top of the rankings around the world thanks to his rather crazy performances. In FIFA 23, he obtained an overall score of 88, inferior to Mbappé, Messi or Ronaldo. Still, many fear Haaland far more than the latter.

Although obtaining it is quite complicated, Haaland is a real asset and will allow you to crush opposing players, but it is not everything. No one knows if FIFA or EA Sports will react to complaints from users who unfortunately faced the Norwegian in FIFA 23 but one thing is certain, virtual coaches risk tearing it off.

As proof, his value on FIFA Ultimate Team is already constantly increasing and players wishing to count him in their team will surely have to drool. Those who already have it therefore have a major advantage and will undoubtedly continue to traumatize opposing coaches!

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FIFA 23 is the most anticipated game of this beginning of the year and early access is already available! However, many players find themselves faced with a major problem… The impossibility of connecting to the game servers!

A bug-free FIFA game isn’t really FIFA, is it? This year, we have one on the PC version of the game with the EAAC (Anticheat) system which blocks the launch of the game. This can quickly become problematic.

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