FIFA 23, TOTW leaks, DCE, Promo and special cards

Find here all our leaks concerning special cards, the composition of the TOTW Team of the Week, future DCEs or even information on upcoming events and promos for FIFA 23 FUT mode. The objective is to list here all of the credible leaks and rumors regarding FIFA Ultimate Team mode news. In particular, this will allow you to be able to predict market reactions and invest according to the new features offered by EA.

  • Update : Updated from Thursday, September 22 at 5:00 p.m. Little content at the moment but this should accelerate by the weekend. Disappearing Moments Icons. Special World Cup content added.
  • Success rate of our leaks : Last year, only the announcement of a DCE Ronaldo Prime was wrong.

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All the leaks around OTWs

OTW (One To Watch) will be the first special event of the FUT season on FIFA 23. As every year, several teams are expected with a main team and a mini-release. The promo will therefore take place over approximately one week.

As a reminder, the OTW cards replace the Gold versions of the players listed, with a card that evolves if the player obtains a selection in the TOTW or MOTM. This evolution will be permanent and cumulative, throughout the season.

List of OTW cards:

  • Erling Haaland, Man City (official)

As a reminder, players who have pre-ordered FIFA 23 or have an EA Play Pro subscription will obtain a non-exchangeable OTW card from September 30.

Special World Cup event, all the details

For once, due to the calendar, the World Cup will be present at the start of the season in FIFA 23’s FUT mode. So we can expect a lot of content and probably an avalanche of special cards.

For the moment, what we know about the event:

  • A special World Cup version for certain Icon cards
  • A special World Cup version for some FUT Heroes cards
  • An event linked to Adidas
  • Tokens exchanged during the event
  • A system for improving cards via objectives

Thus, EA seems to want to put the package on this period. A first for FIFA which usually does not have big events before the Christmas period. The event period should follow that of the 2022 World Cup, from November 20 to December 18.

New ELDs on the way

Several important DCEs should land by next week on the FUT mode of FIFA 23. Among them, here is the complete list:

The DCEs crossed out are those that have taken place (the leaks therefore being good).

Big UEFA posters (not before October 4)

The big posters of the week for Thursday, September 22 (leak) :

  • Germany v England
  • Spain v Portugal

TOTW card leaks

The composition of the Team of the Week is important since it usually has a fairly visible impact on the market. So, depending on the release of some TOTW cards, the top Meta links can quickly increase. But the most effective remains to be able to buy the Gold version of the players who will be selected, since it will disappear from the packs for one week (OOP technique). Investors therefore like to be able to know the list of TOTW cards in advance via leaks.

As usual with leaks, be careful since nothing is certain, although we take the time to select here only the information that seems credible to us.

FIFA 23 TOTW 1 Leaks

Leaked cards:

  • Valverde, Real Madrid
  • Sound, Spurs
  • Saliba, Arsenal
  • Savanier, Montpellier
  • Motionless, Lazio


The answer Wednesday, September 22 at 7 p.m. for the official presentation of the TOTW 1 by EA. You can find the complete official list on Gamosaurus. In the meantime, you can find our Team of Week 1 predictions on our dedicated article.

Player of the Month SBC Leaks

Player of the Month DCEs appear once a month on FUT, usually awarding a great league-related card. These challenges are the result of a vote, both fans but also journalists or even members of the championship depending on the league. Being able to anticipate these results allows you to be able to invest on the market on cards allowing you to carry out the Challenge.

Current POTM leaks

  • Erling Haaland, Man City, Premier League

Names crossed out are leaks that have been confirmed via the DCE release.

Leaks concerning Events and Promo

The next event will therefore be the OTW, which offers cards that can evolve over time via TOTW and MOTM (performance in real life) on FIFA 23. This event will begin on Friday, September 30 at 7 p.m. with a special team.

So much for our list of leaks concerning special cards, the composition of the TOTW Team of the Week, future DCEs or even information on upcoming events and promos for the FUT mode of FIFA 23. You can find all the news and our FIFA 23 guides on Gamosaurus.

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