FIFA: Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, thinks games can do without the FIFA brand

A few months ago, we learned of the existence of a dispute between the Fifa and Electronic Arts around the famous football game license, which could undermine their partnership and force the series to change its name. FIFA had then increased its requirements, with a showdown looming on the horizon with EA. This confrontation seems to continue with the last speech of the CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilsonwhich comes neither more nor less from trying a slight pressure.

So that’s a tackle from behind

In a conversation with his teams, reported by VGC, Andrew Wilson says he thinks FIFA “ hindrance » the ambitions of the series. The site then reports that Wilson allegedly claimed that FIFA prevented games from deviating from the classic model of 11 vs 11 matches, or taking part in “ broader digital ecosystems (Hello NFTs).

Better still, according to Wilson, the only added value of the brand would simply be to be “ four more letters on the box » outside World Cup years (in short, he thinks that the brand has no added value in years out of world competition).

It’s a hell of a dose of confidence, so to speak. Remember that FIFA wishes to renegotiate its contract with EA and that in case of failure, FIFA 23 could be the last game of the license to bear this name.

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