Fifty Shades of Gray: That's why the grand finale is the best part of the series


"Fifty Shades of Gray – Freed Lust" celebrates its German free TV premiere. It's hot in the grand finale of the slippery film series.

The grand finale of the "Fifty Shades of Gray" series was shown in the cinema in 2018. Now the third and last part, which bears the title addition "Liberated Lust", comes on German free TV. On November 22, 2020, it will premiere at 8:15 p.m. on RTL (or via TVNow). With the predecessor, the few sex scenes in the film were particularly criticized. Does married life with Ana (Dakota Johnson) and Christian (Jamie Dornan) unleash lust again? And how close is the story to the book?

This is what happens in "Fifty Shades of Gray"

Ana (Dakota Johnson) and Christian (Jamie Dornan) get married and spend a wonderful honeymoon in Europe. The romantic togetherness is suddenly interrupted when an arsonist is up to mischief in Christian's company. The culprit is quickly identified: Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), Ana's former boss. Ana's joy about her promotion to editor lasts only for a short time, because Jack continues his vengeance campaign undeterred. While Ana and Christian try to figure out the pitfalls of married life, Jack does everything possible to sabotage their happiness. Will he make it or does love fail because of Ana's sudden pregnancy?

More sex, but less content from the book template

With "Fifty Shades of Gray – Freed Lust" the story of Anastasia Steele and Christian Gray ends on the screen. The last part is the shortest. The plot of the book has been slimmed down: some scenes are much shorter than in the original, even entire storylines are missing. One or the other reader might be surprised. But there are also additional scenes, such as hot love games with ice cream. There is also a short hike through beautiful, mountainous landscapes to see. Who would have thought that Anastasia, who is actually not very enthusiastic about sports, would voluntarily put on her hiking boots?

For the dramatic moments, Eric Johnson (41) was allowed to let off steam as the villain Jack Hyde, who threatens the otherwise perfect life of Ana and Christian. The thriller aspect is good for the film and gives the plot pace. Every now and then, however, you might think that you have landed in a commercial for Audi, the speedster is so prominently staged through rapid drives.

What is also not neglected: the sex! Compensation for all fans who did not have enough love games in the second part. The chemistry of Dakota Johnson (31, "How to be Single") and Jamie Dornan (38, "The Fall") is right this time when they indulge their lust together. Dornan also lets his abdominal muscles play more than once and shows off his firm bottom. Likewise, Johnson's naked breasts are a constant companion. But something is missing in the strip …

Dakota Johnson steals the show from everyone

Kim Basinger (66) alias Elena Lincoln does not get a final appearance. Instead, "Pretty Little Liars" star Brant Daugherty (35) can be seen surprisingly often as Ana's bodyguard Luke Sawyer. Anyone who has wondered what part "Teen Wolf" hero Tyler Hoechlin (33) took on, about whom such a secret was kept, let me tell you: He was allowed to stand in front of the camera with Johnson and Dornan. His scenes take place at Ana's workplace. Singer Rita Ora (29) can not only be heard with ex-one-direction hottie Liam Payne (27) with "For You" on the soundtrack, she also gets more scenes.

Speaking Soundtrack: The music can be heard. In addition, Anastasia Gray in particular triumphs in "Fifty Shades of Gray". Dakota Johnson plays her character with a good dose of self-confidence and a lot of mischief in the neck. She not only intimidates her husband's admirers and convinces with her driving skills, she also stands up to Christian Gray himself. One of the strongest scenes is the couple's confrontation that follows their night of partying after the surprising pregnancy news. Extra tip for all book lovers: The film ends as romantically as the original.

A successful end

For all fans of Ana and Christian "Fifty Shades of Gray – Freed Lust" is a must. Those who enjoyed part one and two will love the finale too. Ardent proponents of the books could be upset by a few deviations from the original. It is often the small details that are important to book fans that are freely interpreted here. But that's what makes the final for the best part of the film series. And everyone who had enough before the first film can breathe a sigh of relief: it was the end point – until remakes or a TV series is planned in three to ten years …