Final Fantasy 16 will be available on June 22, 2023 on PlayStation 5

It’s the kind of moment that could warrant an all-nighter: the next numbered Final Fantasy got its release date and it will be June 22, 2023, five and a half years after Final Fantasy 15 debuted. event will remain as a reminder exclusive to PlayStation 5 for the rest of 2023, at a minimum.

This new trailer, already the fourth since the announcement of the game, is built on the same model as the previous ones, namely a mixture of cinematics and special effects resulting from the fights, including between Primordials like Ifrit (Clive himself) and Garuda (the blonde Benedikta Harman), but it finally lets glimpse brief extracts of exploration, in particular when surveying the dunes of a desert on the back of chocobos.

A statuette of Phoenix against Ifrit in the collector

Clive Rosfield’s companions are also starting to make their voices heard, including Jill Warrick and the wolf-dog Torgal. Remember that Naoki Yoshida’s team gave up on the idea of ​​creating an open world in order to favor rhythm and narrative issues, which revolve around the fate of Joshua, the younger brother of a Clive driven by a motive for revenge. , but also tense relations between the different nations of the world of Valisthea.

The release date being set, Square Enix moves on to the commercial chapter with the announcement of three editions (standard, deluxe, collector). The first two are available for pre-order now while the last will wait until December 12 before appearing on the Square Enix store with its premium statuette of Phoenix against Ifrit which will undoubtedly earn it an incandescent price.

In the meantime, the standard edition costs 79.99 euros in box and download. The deluxe edition, on the other hand, costs 99.99 euros for download (with a mini art-book and a mini soundtrack) but 109.99 euros in box given the presence of a steel sleeve and a fabric Valisthea world map.

Regardless of the edition concerned, all those who pre-order the game will receive the additional content Brave Heart (a weapon), Cait Sith Talisman (an accessory to earn more Gils) and Scholar’s Spectacles (an accessory that increases experience gain).

Finally, note that the trailer is available in VF for the first time, even if it is not easy for the actors to steal the show from the flights of Masayoshi Soken. Final Fantasy 14 players know.

  • The trailer in English

  • The trailer in Japanese

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