Final Fantasy 16 will be canon on PC, reassuring new details

The arrival of Final Fantasy 16 on PC is now no longer in doubt. But questions arise about the quality of the portage. New details have emerged in this regard.

While the optimization of Final Fantasy 16 raised questions when it was released on PS5, the question is legitimized when it comes to its PC version. If we do not yet have the detailed configuration requirements, here are some answers, with small bonuses.

Final Fantasy 16 comes to PC

It seems that Square Enix’s Creative Business Unit III is going to pull out all the stops on the PC version of Final Fantasy 16. The port is currently in its final optimization phase. Already very beautiful on PS5, sometimes to the detriment of fluidity, the game should shine on PC. To take full advantage of it, however, it will be better to have a configuration worthy of an Emissary. In any case, we are promised a framerate greater than 100 FPS on the largest machines. By this mean at least an RTX 4070 in 1440p, and an RTX 4080 in 4K, and their equivalent from AMD for maximum graphic details. Let’s all hope that this PC version lives up to the very successful port of Horizon Forbidden West.

A priori there would not be any only for racing cars. The PC port should display numerous graphics settings for a tailor-made visual experience. The classic presets “low, medium, high and very high” should be there and can be modified as desired. Since Final Fantasy 16 benefits from the PS5’s SSD, a fast SSD will however be “highly recommended” on its PC version. So don’t rely too much on a good old hard drive, unless you want to wait several minutes between each loading time.

Good news soon, and not just on PC?

As mentioned above, the PC port of Final Fantasy 16 is fast approaching. Who says final phase of optimization therefore means a deployment very soon. To wait, a necessarily free demo will be put online to test the beast. On another note, the PS5 version will soon welcome its second DLC. We can therefore count on a Complete Edition on PC, with the base game and its two expansions. It could also be that the PC is not the only place where Clive and his friends will put their Valis(thea).

Other platforms are indeed considered. We can therefore easily imagine a release on Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. Whether the latter arrives via the Cloud or on the highly anticipated Switch 2 remains to be seen. However, all this will certainly depend on the success or otherwise of the PC version. We are therefore monitoring this first port very closely, certainly like many fans of this platform recently well-loved by PlayStation.

A crystal clear future for Final Fantasy 16? ©Square Enix

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