Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth bewitches our memories in a new trailer

In line with the September PlayStation Showcase trailer, Square Enix has been generous, especially when it comes to cutscenes. The dark Vincent Valentine now proudly reveals himself in front of the camera, in the same way as the pilot Cid Highwind but also a character like Dyne, who we will meet when we learn more about the origins of Barret. Square Enix also plays more and more on the ambiguity of certain scenes and on the way in which they are led to throw off the rails the 1997 story that everyone knows so well.

In addition to new synchronized attacks (special mention for the swirling use of Cait Sith by Tifa), the trailer also allows us to present “ No Promises to Keep “, the game’s theme song for which Nobuo Uematsu himself was summoned. It is Loren Allred who performs this song and whose voice will be transmitted by Aerith when she is on stage at the Gold Saucer to perform Lovelessthe popular musical comedy in the game.

Gold Sauce

Speaking of the legendary casino of the bodybuilder Dio, Cloud’s choices and actions will always have an impact on the identity of the person who will spend a moment alone with the protagonist, and suffice to say that the one with Barret promises to be more embarrassing than ever. The gallery also allows you to rediscover some invocations (Titan, Phoenix, Neo-Bahamut) as well as a brand new illustration by Tetsuya Nomura revealing the entire team from behind. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will be released on February 29, 2024 on PlayStation 5.

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