Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: massive game size, gigantic open world, non-playable characters and many more new details shared

With the opening of Tokyo Game Show 2023 and the lifting of embargoes on game prints, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is once again in the spotlight. Some additional juicy details have been reported by our colleagues (Game Informer, Famitsu, Dengeki, GameWatch,, IGN), in addition to everything that was already said last week regarding lifespan, among other things. We have therefore brought together the most relevant elements in the remainder of this article. By the way, a second beautiful visual similar to the one which will adorn the cover of the game, but with Tifa And Aerith instead of Cloud And Zach was shared.

To begin with, the reason for the presence of two Blu-rays is very simple, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will weigh no less than 150 GB with a first disc containing 100 GB and the second 50 GB. On the other hand, no nostalgia in sight, everything will have to be installed on the PS5 SSD and only one of them will be necessary to play, as with FFVII Remake. This decision, which obviously has an economic impact for the publisher, was taken to maintain the developers’ vision of creating a massive and highly detailed world, aiming to be more immersive than its predecessor. It will take that to cover the story up to the Forgotten capitaleven if Rebirth will not necessarily follow the original order and will have a script twice as long as Remakewhile retaining its chapter structure.

All places in FF7 from 1997 will in any case be included in the end, whether in this game or the next one, with possible modifications in terms of volume. THE Wutai will be a perfect example, moved to Part 3 with the intention of increasing the content. The scenario for the sequel has already been written, even if the team has yet to determine all the characters who will appear there. The world will be globally connected in a fluid way, with for example the grasslands and the region of Juno connected by the Mythril Mine. In the same idea, the east, west and north continents will be part of a single large global map, with just the sea separating them, which we will be able to cross using a means of transport known to players during the second half of the game. Yes, the dream of having an almost entirely open world to wander around in will come true. In addition, we can return to a visited place at any time, for example Kalmand complete the side quests there.

As suggested by Tetsuya Nomura’s speech to the PS Blog, Vincent Valentine will not be playable, but will accompany us wellyou will have to wait until part 3 to control it. The same will go for Cid Highwind. As for the scenario itself, it is Zach who holds the keys to the mystery of this trilogy of remakes, which will continue in parallel with the original plot. Passages of the plot will be told from the point of view of certain characters, an “episode” with Zack having even been mentioned by Yoshinori Kitase.

Final Fantasy Rebirth 15 15 09 2023

More surprising, the role of Reno has been adjusted so that all these lines of dialogue use recordings of Keiji Fujiwara, who died in 2020. Those from Rebirth having taken place shortly after his death, this is understandable, especially since he does not appear much in this part of the adventure, but a recast will be necessary for the third episode. All members of our team will travel together as a group and therefore there will be no PHS, the interface allowing us to modify the composition of the team as we wish.

Not all mini-games will be Gold Saucerwhich will be entitled as we saw in the recent trailer to G-Bike, Chocobo Breeds And 3D Brawler. We will therefore find others as we travel the world, specific to certain places while others are recurring. Those not included in Rebirth will be in its sequel. Exploration will also serve to develop our materials, linked to the scenario, and it will be common for them to have two elements. Naoki Hamaguchi also talks about “auto-materia” where the AI ​​will execute abilities on its own based on our gauge ATB and PM, including synchronized actions, which can radically modify the behavior of our allies that we do not control. Side crafting, we will also be able to craft and improve armor and accessories in addition to potions, and “mercenary” quests will be focused on this aspect. Finally, an invocation will be offered to us at the start of the game if we have a backup of FFVII Remake.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is expected on February 29, 2024 on PS4 and will be entitled to a presentation from the TGS 2023, which could well still provide new information. You can pre-order it on Amazon from €79.99.

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