Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, Downtown Midgar, The Machinist, and More Coming in Season 3

Many players are waiting for news from Final Fantasy VII Remake: Part IIbut Square-Enix still has communication to do around Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. the Battle Royale in free-to-play was in Season 2 since last February and has just To pass in Season 3 this Monday.

On the program for this season called Highway Starthe new card Midgar (downtown)the style Machinistthe water materialarms Serpent Launcher and Double wheelsnew accessories and a slew of new cosmetic items to unlock through challenges or the Season Pass. Otherwise, a one-time event unlocks the SOLDIER Sample skin (mako), and collect up to 35 pack tickets Advanced Shinra by logging in daily, enough to buy 7 packs Advanced Shinra.

Square-Enix preparing next to that, for the next few weeks, the return of the mode Payable: Shinra Tower in an improved version, festivities around the summer and a mysterious mode Variant. You can consult the changelog complete version of the update accompanying this Season 3 on the official site or on the next page.

Other than that, if you don’t have it in your collection yet, Final Fantasy VII Remake is available from €24.99 on

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