Final Fantasy XIV: from MMORPG to tabletop role-playing game, there is only one step that Square Enix takes

This Sunday, Square Enix broadcast its 79th Letter from the Live Producer with Naoki Yoshida and Toshio Murouchi live from Tokyo Game Show 2023. Patch 6.5 Growing Light of Final Fantasy XIV was obviously at the center of the conversion with its trailer, a bit of gameplay, its date and some new details. A funny collaboration with KFC was also announced there. The editor also took the opportunity to highlight a project made official at the opening of the show and which should delight many roleplayers around the world: Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG.

Behind this name hides a tabletop role-playing game (tabletop RPG in English) which is part of the celebrations of 10 years ofA Realm Reborn and which will therefore plunge us into Eorzea in a new way with dice rolls, with the presence of dungeons,Hazardsenemies and NPCs of the MMORPG. A Starter Set will thus see the light of day in May 2024 at the price of €59.99 on the Online Store of Square Enixcontaining in particular scenarios designed under the supervision of the developers of FFXIV so that novices can have fun without difficulty. On the other hand, the western version is currently only announced in English

Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG Starter Set

General informations :

  • Number of players: 3 to 5 (recommended for 5 players);
  • Playing time: over 120 minutes;
  • Age: 14 years and over;
  • Packaging size: 31 cm x 22 cm x 5 cm.

Content :

  • Player’s Book – This beginner-friendly book contains everything a new player needs to learn the ropes and rules of role-playing games;
  • Game Master’s Book – This manual offers tips and advice for aspiring game masters and includes three ready-made pre-made scenarios that tie directly into the main story of Final Fantasy XIV;
  • Predefined character sheets – 4 predefined color character sheets (Warrior, White Mage, Dragon Knight, Black Mage);
  • Summary of rules and strategic guide;
  • Custom Dice – 6 d20 and 10 d6 (16 in total);
  • Map for confrontations;
  • Character tokens;
  • Skill marker.

Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG 03 25 09 2023 Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG 01 25 09 2023 Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG 04 25 09 2023

But that’s not all, because two additional works have already appeared on the game websitewithout pricing information, for “more adventures in the FFXIV TTRPG universe”.

Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG – Standard Rulebook

The standard rulebook includes all the basic rules and information you need to create your character and play FFXIV TTRPG. Designed as the core rulebook for adventurers and game masters, this foundational gaming resource will open up a world of limitless adventure.

Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG – Scenario & Gamemaster Guide

The Scenarios and Gamemaster’s Guide is a powerful resource for gamemasters who want to lead their own adventures. It contains a wealth of information and tips for managing the game, and provides a wide variety of practical data that can help game masters create their own stories and scenarios. It also includes a number of original preset scenarios that can also be played directly.

Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG 05 25 09 2023 Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG 06 25 09 2023

Without a doubt, if the foundations are solid, role-players will have a field day using the resources present in the different volumes ofEncyclopaedia Eorzea to create new scenarios. The first volume is also available on Amazon at the price of €49.47.

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