Final Fantasy XVI: Naoki Yoshida pretends not to recognize the existence of a possible PC version

The stories of temporary exclusives, it’s always a real bag of knots. We saw this recently with the case of Silent Hill 2 Remake but also with Final Fantasy XVI, which may never come to Xbox consoles despite popular belief. A PC port seems more certain, although Naoki Yoshida is not yet quick to recognize it, as evidenced by one of its latest statements relayed by Games Talk.

When Yoshida pretends

Since Sony takes precedence over all other platforms regarding Final Fantasy XVIand this for at least 6 months, we will not be surprised to see Naoki Yoshida feigning candor concerning a PC version of the JRPG:

Nobody ever said anything about a PC version. Why does the world think a PC version is coming out 6 months later? Don’t worry about that, buy a PS5 version instead *laughs*. Sorry, I overdid it. We tried our best so please look forward to the game. »

We imagine that Yoshida is of course contractually obliged to sell the PS5 version of his game first and foremost, and we can’t imagine that he no longer remembers the first trailer of Final Fantasy XVI which mentioned that the rendering was running on PC. We won’t blame him too much, because even if we have to sell consoles, we wouldn’t be against a big clarification on this story of temporary exclusivity from Sony or Square Enix.

Final Fantasy XVI will be released on June 22 on PlayStation 5.

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