Final Fantasy XVI: Talgor plushes and Bring Arts figurines of the Emissaries and Ifrit revealed

The pre-launch event of Final Fantasy XVI in Los Angeles is in full swing and it is there that Square-Enix unveiled its batch of merchandising. Yes, with a new numbered episode, you didn’t think the publisher was going to leave our bank accounts alone. After the two boxes of thesoundwe are entitled to several jewels, a figurine of moogle and two stuffed animals Talgor (Torgal in the other languages), as a puppy at €34.99 and once an adult, the latter still costing €109.99… If all these items are already present in the publisher’s online storethis is not yet the case of figurines that will make more than one crack.

Final Fantasy XVI Talgor plush 01 12 06 2023 Final Fantasy XVI Mog 12 06 2023 Final Fantasy XVI Talgor plush 02 12 06 2023

Good news, these are all of the BringArtswhich cost less than Play Arts in general. The bad news, at least for your savings, is that they all represent THE Emissariesas well as’Ifrit And Talgor, which is a lot if you’re already a fan of all these characters. We therefore find Clive Rosfield, Jill Warrick, Cidolfus Telamon, Benedikta Harman, Hugo Kupka, Dion Lesage And Barnabas Tharmrall articulated.

Final Fantasy XVI Bring Arts 01 12 06 2023 Final Fantasy XVI Bring Arts 02 12 06 2023 Final Fantasy XVI Bring Arts 03 12 06 2023

No release date or price has been given for these BringArts. FFXVI Is it available for pre-order on Amazon from €71.99 Or from €68.99 at Fnac.

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