Finally an end to streaming rip-offs? Disney+ found a way

The streaming world is in turmoil: several providers are raising prices, advertising is being introduced even though customers are paying for subscriptions, and competition is increasing. Disney+ is now taking a new approach to making its own offer more attractive in this situation – and it was urgently needed.

A comment by Felix Gräber

So far, entertainment giant Disney is one questionable line on the in-house streaming service Disney + driven: Actually, all the content offered on the portal is also included in the subscription. Unlike Netflix, for example, there is only one subscription level: customers can pay 8.99 euros per month or book a one-year access for 89 euros and save something (watch Disney +).

No more premium? Hopefully Disney+ will drop this naughtiness forever

But it wasn’t including everything Disney has put out on the streaming service — or at least not right away. In addition to the subscription, the mouse group has introduced a premium access that shows new releases. 21 euros per film (!) in addition to the subscription price are due for this.

This is how, for example, Black Widow and Raya and the Last Dragon ended up on Disney+. If you wanted to see the films at home as soon as possible – due to the pandemic, going to the cinema was often not possible without further ado – you had to dig deep into your pockets. Only after three months Disney then released corresponding films for all subscribers.

Just arrived on Disney+: Lightyear.

Trailer for “Lightyear”

But now the world looks different. Disney has halved the exclusive cinema window for its productions. What sounds technical ultimately means that what was previously only allowed to open in the streaming offer 90 days after the theatrical release can now already after 45 days Tobe offered.

Cinema operators tend not to take successful films out of the program that quickly. This meant, for example, that Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness (watch on Disney+) was shown on Disney+ and in German cinemas in June. Disney has also hurried with the long-awaited toy story prequel Lightyear: since August 3rd you can find the strip as a stream if you have subscribed to Disney +.

Of course, Disney’s approach is not undisputed: The shorter exclusive window is not well received by the cinema operators – especially as the pressure on many consumers to be economical with their money is growing. Disney has also got into trouble with Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson due to the parallel publication. You are said to have lost millions in revenue.

Watch the Disney+ streaming offer

Shorter cinema window for Disney films: streaming customers benefit

From the point of view of Disney + customers, the step is still to be welcomed. Instead of being treated like second-class customers and practically being penalized with extra charges if you want to use the full Disney offering, there is now an alternative. With faster release on Disney+, subscribers can be satisfied. At the same time, you don’t pull every rug out from under the cinemas by taking away every head start.

Out of my sight Disney’s new strategy is a successful compromise. Because the fact that you can only really enjoy some films in the cinema doesn’t change anything anyway.

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