Finally non-smoking: The best reasons to stop smoking


Lung cancer, heart attack, yellow teeth – these are just a few reasons to finally stop smoking. We have more arguments for you to start immediately into a smoke-free life.

Everyone knows how bad smoking is for the health. In Germany, about 300 to 400 people die every day from the effects of smoking (up to 140,000 a year) and life expectancy is reduced by a good ten years. It’s hard to stop, though, because smoking is more of an annoying habit. It’s a true addiction. 

Nevertheless, with the right motivation, anyone can finally throw away the tipping and start a cigar-free life. It just needs the right reasons. Those who show you the hard facts, but at the same time also encourage you. 

Who stops smoking, for example, will feel super fast more quality of life. Already after 48 hours the sense of smell and taste improves. How wellChocolate tastes without the nicotine filter? And after just one month, even the annoying coughing fits stop. 

Smoking costs an incredible amount of money

Do you know what you could buy from the monthly money you spend on cigarettes? Smoking does not only harm your health, but also your wallet. Even those who smoke only four cigarettes a day, throw in a year well 400 euros out the window. Who smokes a box a day, so the 20 cigarettes, comes in the year on good 2000 euros. For the money you can really go on vacation, go shopping, eat in fine restaurants …

So when you quit smoking, you can finally start saving for things you’ve been longing for. Reward yourself each month with a little something you would not have indulged in otherwise or at last buy the expensive bag that you’ve been dreaming about for so long.

Smoking increases the risk of lung cancer

Every smoker knows that the risk of lung cancer increases with each cigarette. But who knows that 90 percent of lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking? Around 43,000 Germans die each year from lung cancer. Not only does the risk of lung cancer increase, but other cancers are about twice as likely to smokers as non-smokers. In women, it is especially breast cancer and cervical cancer. BUT: Anyone who can stop smoking reduces the lung cancer risk by half after only ten years of smoke-free use! And after three months, the lung function improves by up to 30 percent, according to the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA).Every smoker knows that the risk of lung cancer increases with each cigarette. But who knows that 90 percent of lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking? Around 43,000 Germans die each year from lung cancer. Not only does the risk of lung cancer increase, but other cancers are about twice as likely to smokers as non-smokers. In women , it is especially breast cancer and cervical cancer.

Smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular disease

And a major blow to health and life expectancy: smokers are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks or strokes. 

Quitting is worthwhile in no time! According to BZgA, the risk of heart attacks decreases after only 24 hours. After only one year, the risk of a heart attack decreases to half the risk of a fugitive and after 15 years it is no higher than the risk of a non-smoker.

Smoking reduces fertility

The baby wish is great, but it just does not work out. It may well be due to cigarettes in smoking women, because smoking reduces fertility . If it has worked with the baby wish and smokes the expectant mother during pregnancy , occur more often miscarriages and malformations. Good to know: The men also lose a lot with their cigarette addiction. According to the BZgA smoking can reduce the blood flow in the genitals – that is, the potency suffers!, Has it worked with the baby wish and smokes the expectant mother during the 

Smoking makes you more susceptible to diseases

Schneit, Hust, Prust: In fact, smokers are more susceptible to infections. Among other things, because the nicotine “swallows” a part of the ingested vitamin Cs and heavy smokers have to absorb three times as much as non-smokers. In addition, smoking attacks the mucous membranes, making them more prone to cough and runny nose. 

BUT: After just one month, there are clear improvements, you are much fitter and rarely ill. Coughing fits and stuffy noses go back. After nine months, the body has recovered so much that you are no longer haunted by every cold.

Smoking pollutes the air and everything stinks afterwards

That’s nothing bad in itself, but still unpleasant – especially for your fellow human beings: everything smells of smoke all the time. The clothes , the hair and also the breath. Anyone who meets non-smokers as a smoker has bad cards from the outset.

Smoke destroys the taste and smell nerves

Somehow everything tastes a bit bland … right! Smokers lose some of their taste buds and the sense of smell also suffers from the cigarettes. The BZgA confirms that smell and taste improve after 48 hours ofabstinence. So if you stop smoking, you soon realize that everything tastes much better and you will also be able to perceive the individual smells much more intensively.

Smoking discolors the teeth and damages the gums

Yuck! Yellow teeth are not beautiful – but typical for smokers. But beware! Not only are the teeth discolored ugly, the gums also suffer from nicotine. Who smokes, suffers three times more frequently from periodontitis. And honestly, most of the yellow teeth are pretty scared off.

As soon as you stop smoking, you will notice that gradually the unsightly discolouration will go down and you will suffer less from dental problems.

Smoking ensures early wrinkling

Something else that women are reluctant to hear: smokers’ skin is less well supplied with blood and free radicals attack and damage the cells. This inhibits the formation of new collagen and elastin. The ugly consequences: Early wrinkling and the skin looks pale and gray.

If you leave the cigarettes now, your pale complexion finally disappears. Your skin will be rosy, radiant and smoother. Away with it! With these 7 tips & tricks you can prevent wrinkles.

With smoking you waste valuable time

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend on the day to go out and smoke one? When you quit smoking, you have a lot more time for your friends, family and the really important things in life. In addition, it is always annoying for non-smokers, when a smoker constantly disappears outside at the common restaurant visit, just to smoke one quickly.

And at work, without smoking, you have a lot more time for your tasks. While you say goodbye to regular smoking breaks that your non-smoking colleagues are not entitled to, the others keep working. No wonder that the feeling comes up that smokers work less.

Smokers have less stamina

Sport and smoking somehow does not quite fit together. No wonder, because running or other endurance sports are almost impossible for heavy smokers. The breath is much faster away than non-smokers, the heart pumps like crazy and annoying smoker’s cough sets in. This is because smoking kills certain red blood cells with carbon monoxide, which is otherwise available for oxygen transport.