Finally watch better TV: Affordable Samsung soundbar from Lidl ensures better TV sound


Lidl offers an inexpensive soundbar from Samsung in its online shop. You can use it to improve the sound of your television at a bargain price.

On offer at Lidl: Samsung Soundbar HW-C410G/ZG (Source: SAMSUNG)

Update from March 25th: Due to high demand, the soundbar at Lidl is now sold out. The model is still available from other retailers, but is a little more expensive. Amazon currently offers you the best price. The Samsung soundbar is available here for 126 euros. Alternatively, Lidl has a soundbar from its own brand Silvercrest for 80 euros, which should also be sufficient for everyday use.

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Modern Smart TVs have one major disadvantage: Due to their flat design, they lack the resonance space that is needed for good sound. Although the manufacturers do a lot of tricks here, many models sound rather flat – no trace of cinematic sound. Soundbars provide a solution and they don’t have to be expensive for everyday use. Lidl currently has a model from Samsung on offer that significantly improves your sound.

The Samsung “HW-C410G/ZG” offers 40 watts of sound power and is equipped with three internal speakers, including a woofer for a good bass foundation. According to the manufacturer, the compact sound system should even offer surround sound.

If your television is Bluetooth-enabled, the soundbar can also be connected wirelessly. Otherwise, this can be done using an optical audio cable. Thanks to Bluetooth, streaming from your cell phone is also possible, so that the soundbar can be used as a Bluetooth speaker.

Anti-interference mode

Additional features include a night mode that turns off the bass late at night so that you don’t disturb anyone. There is also a voice enhancement that adjusts the sound so that voices are easier to understand.

The soundbar comes with a remote control that can also be used to control other Samsung devices if desired. The dimensions are 64.1 x 10.7 x 6.65 centimeters, so the soundbar is quite slim.

SAMSUNG Soundbar HW-C410G/ZG
  • Power: 40W

  • Bluetooth compatibility: wireless connection between TV and soundbar

  • Feature: with 3 integrated speakers

The soundbar from Samsung currently only costs 100 euros at Lidl. The recommended retail price is 169 euros, other dealers charge at least 128 euros – a good deal!

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