Financial aid: AER, ASS, ATA… Here are the amounts of Pôle emploi allowances until 2023

The specific solidarity allowance (ASS), the temporary waiting allowance (ATA) and the pension equivalent allowance (AER) were increased by 1.8% on 1 April. Here is, in detail, the amounts of each of these allowances paid by Pôle Emploi.

Thanks to a decree published on April 7 in the Official Journal, these three allowances have been retroactively revalued from March 31, 2021.

The ASS goes to 17.21 euros per day

This aid was set up by Pole Emploi to replace the return to work allowance (ARE) when the beneficiary has exhausted his unemployment insurance rights. Its new amount was set at 17.21 euros per day, compared to 16.91 euros in the past. The total sum paid under the ASS fluctuates according to the level of resources and the number of people per household.

To benefit from it, you must have worked for at least five years, full-time or part-time, during the ten years preceding the end of your last employment contract. In the event of cessation of activity to take care of a child, the initial five years have been reduced by one year per child, with a limit set at a maximum of three years.

The daily amount of the AER reaches 37.20 euros

This allowance was introduced to help job seekers who have not reached retirement age but can justify the quarters required to have a full pension. Despite the cessation of its attribution to the 1er January 2011, any beneficiary before this date will receive the AER until the end of his rights.

In fact, the revaluation of the AER increased its amount from 36.54 euros to 37.20 euros. Like the ASS, this aid was conditioned according to the level of resources of the beneficiary, as well as the composition of his household.

The ATA crosses the 12 euro mark

The temporary waiting allowance was created for former prisoners awaiting reintegration and for employees returning to France who no longer receive unemployment benefits. Despite its deletion on 1er September 2017, any beneficiary before this date will receive the ATA until the end of their rights.

Like the two other aids mentioned above, the ATA was conditioned on the level of resources and the composition of the household. Since 1er April, its amount was increased from 11.91 euros to 12.12 euros.

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