Finding your inner center: 10 inspirations for your path

Find inner center
A little guide to yourself

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Finding your inner center is not that easy. You can find out how you can do this here. A little guide.

We live in times in which there is often talk of mindfulness, self-optimization & Co. And being in the middle sounds great, doesn’t it? But what exactly is this inner center and how do I find it? An attempt to explain.

What does the inner center mean anyway?

If we speak of a middle, there is also a left and a right, an above and a below. Is our inner center then somewhere in the stomach area? The thought is not so absurd: In Far Eastern philosophies, the stomach is often seen as a center of strength or energy. In Chinese there is the lower dantian, in Japanese there is the hara. Hara simply means belly, but it means much more than that: It is the contact point between body and soul. In yoga, on the other hand, one speaks of energy centers, also called chakras. The third of a total of seven main chakras is the navel chakra (Manipura Chakra), it is considered the center of life force: Self-confidence, willpower, courage, personal development and allowing feelings are associated with it.

But sometimes we don’t know where up and down, what is right and wrong, we feel stressed and somehow out of balance. Then we are not in our inner center, very clearly. We are one with ourselves and in inner balance, we are in our inner center. Then we manage to stay with ourselves, even under negative external circumstances.

To be one with yourself, several factors play a role, such as your self-confidence, your self-esteem and the love for yourself. If you do not accept and love yourself for who you are, external circumstances can probably get you out of your mind faster or out of your own Bring balance. If you are clear about yourself, you are not dependent on others and their confirmation.

Find your inner center

Finding your inner balance doesn’t work overnight. The bad and good news is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how to get there. Bad, because we all want to have quick solutions. Good because you yours Be able to walk away and not have to focus on something that may not suit you at all. Possible ways to find the inner center are for example yoga and meditation (this is how you can learn meditation). Try out what feels good and right for you!

10 inspirations for your path

How can you still get access to yourself? These ideas can help you get closer to your inner center:

  1. Consciously take time for self-reflection on a regular basis, i.e. time to think and reflect.
  2. Take breaks from your daily work. You can find out why taking breaks is so important here.
  3. Go out into nature! Forest bathing is said to strengthen the immune system, lift the mood and reduce stress. Many people appreciate the peace and quiet in the country, where they can recharge their batteries and get a clear head. If you prefer to be by the water, that’s fine too, of course 😉.
  4. Consciously perceive your feelings and allow them – even the negative ones!
  5. Practice mindfulness in general: So sharpen your perception, try e.g. B. in mindful eating or mindful walking.
  6. Stop making comparisons with others.
  7. Work on your confidence by e.g. B. learn to say no. Here you can find more tips to boost your self-confidence.
  8. Family, friends, justice, sustainability, love? Find out what your heart beats for in life.
  9. Say goodbye to negative beliefs! (Tips on how to dissolve beliefs can be found here.)
  10. Allow yourself to be you

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