Fine on-ear headphones: Teufel Supreme On deserves its name

With the Supreme On, Teufel is launching relatively inexpensive Bluetooth on-ear headphones that can compete with the best of their kind. Workmanship, comfort and sound are great, only active noise suppression is missing.

The Berlin audio forge Teufel has already released a number of headphones that won over with a very good price-performance ratio. This also included the second Airy around two years ago, a light and durable on-ear Bluetooth headset with good sound. The colorful plastic pleasure, however, was not to everyone's taste. That is why Teufel has now launched on-ear headphones that are not called Supreme On without reason, but are relatively cheap at 150 euros.

The design of the headphones is rather classic compared to the fancy Airy, but looks very noble and high quality. This is due, among other things, to the matt aluminum temples with joints that seem unbreakable. Thanks to the hinges, the headphones can be folded up extremely compactly and there is almost twice space in the supplied transport bag.

The Teufel Supreme On is quite comfortable for on-ear headphones, as it is very well padded and finds the right balance between a secure fit and comfort when it comes to contact pressure. It is also very light at just 165 grams. Nevertheless, they remain on-ear headphones that will hurt sensitive listeners sooner or later.

Clever tax stick

The metal control stick is easy to grip and easy to use.

(Photo: kwe)

The manufacturer has solved the control very cleverly. Instead of relying on fiddly touch controls or multiple buttons, the Berliners installed a control stick on the right shell.

Pushed up or down to adjust the volume. When pushed forwards or backwards, it jumps songs forwards or backwards. If you hold the stick longer, you move forwards or backwards in the track. If you press the button vertically, playback pauses or the digital assistant starts after two impulses. Bravo!

On the left shell you will find the on / off switch, which is also used for coupling, a USB-C input for fast charging and a jack socket if you want or have to do without Bluetooth. The Supreme On receives a plus point for the fact that playback automatically pauses and starts again when the headset is put on and taken off.

Great sound with oomph

In terms of sound, the Supreme On is a real devil. That means it has powerful bass with a lot of oomph, but never exaggerates. They also don't displace the wide mids, which always have the upper hand and are decorated with lots of details from clear heights. The Supreme On can certainly compete with the Beats Solo Pro, which costs almost twice as much. The fact that it does not offer active noise cancellation only matters if you sit on the plane a lot. The passive insulation through the shells is completely sufficient for everyday use.

If you don't like the sound, you can open the pleasantly uncomplicated Teufel app. There you will find an equalizer with several preset genes, but also the possibility to find the perfect mix individually.

Great price-performance ratio

With Bluetooth 5.0, the Supreme On can connect to two devices at the same time, the aptX and AAC codecs ensure high quality transmissions. Teufel gives the runtime at medium volume as 20 hours. This is not an exaggeration, the headphones tend to last a little longer.

All in all, with the Supreme On, Teufel again manages to offer headphones with a very attractive price-performance ratio. Its sound is excellent, it is comfortable, attractive and enduring.

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