Fiona Erdmann: She had to go to the emergency room with her daughter Neyla

Fiona Erdman
She had to go to the emergency room with her daughter, Neyla

Fiona Erdmann has had a busy weekend.

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Fiona Erdmann had to go to the emergency room with her little daughter. Neyla is suspected to have a hernia.

Moment of shock for Fiona Erdmann (33)! The model had to go to the emergency room with her baby daughter, Neyla, who was born in May. She told her followers on Saturday (July 3) in several Instagram stories. First, the influencer went to a hospital to investigate her own mysterious sore throat. A few hours later, she got back to her with a worrying message: Neyla’s groin was so swollen that she had to go to the emergency room.

Fiona Erdmann fears her daughter’s hernia

“I just went shopping and then Moe called me and said Neyla’s groin is totally swollen. I went straight home and looked at it. It immediately reminded me of the situation with Leo,” wrote the mother of two. Her son also had a hernia at the time. “However, it looked much worse with Neyla. It’s really big and big,” she then emphasized.

The doctor then forwarded her to a surgeon, Erdmann reported. He should take a close look at the case again and decide whether an operation is necessary. “Hope so much that this will take care of itself and we don’t have to go through it,” said the 33-year-old.

Erdmann himself isn’t doing any better either. The doctor couldn’t find anything in her throat and suspected an allergic reaction. However, the pain is so bad that Erdmann can hardly swallow. That’s why she had a new doctor’s appointment given to get to the bottom of the matter again.


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