Fire brigade confirms finding of at least 46 dead in trucks

I46 dead migrants have been found in a truck in the US state of Texas. The fire chief of the city of San Antonio, Charles Hood, confirmed the grisly find on Monday evening. According to this, 16 survivors were taken to hospitals, twelve adults and four children. “The patients we saw were too hot to touch, they suffered from heat stroke.”

Hood said there was no water in the trailer. It was indeed a refrigerated truck; however, no cooling system was running.

Authorities announced three arrests. The truck was found near the I-35 freeway, which leads to the border with Mexico. Migrants hidden in trucks are repeatedly smuggled into the United States from Mexico. It is about 250 kilometers from San Antonio to the border with Mexico.

Arch-conservative Texas Gov. Greg Abbott blamed President Joe Biden’s migration policies. “These deaths are Biden’s fault,” Abbott said on Twitter. They are “the result of his deadly open borders policy,” Abbott said. It has “deadly consequences” if the law is not enforced.

Controversial migration policy

The opposition Republicans accuse Biden of taking too lax a course in migration policy and in securing the southern border. They also want to use this topic in their campaign for the midterm congressional elections in November.

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