Fire hazard in Switzerland – Ready to grill: Biel issues a general fire ban – News


Fires are no longer allowed to be lit in the Biel region and in the Bernese Jura. This is because of the drought.

  • There is an absolute fire ban in Biel and the Bernese Jura.
  • This also applies to barbecues in the gardens of private houses.

Barbecues are now officially banned: in the administrative districts of Biel and Bernese Jura, you are no longer allowed to light a fire outdoors. This also applies, for example, to a barbecue on private property. The reason for this is the worsening drought and the great risk of forest fires.

The general fire ban was imposed by the governors of the two administrative districts, as the cantonal administration announced on Thursday.

The governors of the other Bernese administrative districts are initially sticking to the fire ban in and near the forest that has been in force since July 19. Proximity to the forest means a zone up to 50 meters from the edge of the forest.

Outside the prohibited zone, lighting fires is permitted with the greatest caution. In addition to the city of Biel, the administrative district of Biel includes six agglomeration communities.

Fire ban expands

In addition to the two administrative districts in Berne, an absolute fire ban only applies in parts of Graubünden and Valais in German-speaking Switzerland. All western Swiss cantons and Ticino, on the other hand, have already imposed a complete fire ban. On Wednesday, the cantons of Schwyz and Lucerne issued a fire ban near the forest.

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